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MySchoolApp – A Virtual School diary

A bridge between school and parents. A new way to keep connected and alerted to your kid's school.Your kid's school

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Welcome to ELE Infotech

Ele infotech believe every small to medium business have a right to affordable cyber security or corporate security. To achieve this, Ele Infotech passionately designed cost effective solutions which meet our clients cyber security need to date.

Born of startup

It was end of year 2017, when Mr. madhur sharma (current director) and Mr Jaikey sarraf (cto ele infotech), were discussing a problem that a best cyber security can’t be achieve by just hiring one expert for company, because hacking is compeletely logical based. so organisation should hire 4-5 experts to get best results but thats not cost effective for small and medium bisuness. So what if we provide same result with cost of one? Will be possible ? Same question, we were thinking, and finally we agreed that yes we can achieve this by having a team of experts at Ele Infotech. A team mean more than one, and more experts gives more results in secuirty testing. Now we were looking for indipendent security BEARS, also business who truly need of security

Our Team

Madhur Sharma

8 year experience
Project management & customer relation

Jaikey sarraf

7 year experience
cyber crime analysis
penetration testing

Jitendra Jaiswal

8 year experience
cyber crime analysis
penetration testing

Osho Parth

6 year experience
IOT developer
AI and machine learning
cyber security

Vishal Sharma

5 year experience
web & backend developer
Bug analysis

our solutions

Cyber Crime Consulting

Vulnerbity Assesment

Penetration testing

Cyber Security Training

Secure App and Website Developement

Our customers