MySchoolApp – A Virtual School diary

A bridge between school and parents. A new way to keep connected and alerted to your kid’s school.Your kid’s school diary in your pocket.

Parents are always curious about their child and his/her school activities, they never want to miss any updates related to their child. MySchoolApp makes it possible by enhancing communication between parents and school, its feature of push notification allow parents to never miss any important updates from school at anytime and anywhere. Wherever they are doesn’t matters when every information is in hand every time.
We are living in an era that is surrounding by technology today, and time to time many traditional systems are being outdated. A new and an advance system accordingly requirement, taking palace for old traditions. In this case MySchoolApp is an advance system for schools and parents that save times and cost for both school and parents.

Awesome Features

Eco Friendly

“Saving paper is saving trees” is completely fits with MyschoolApp that reduce paper usage for both school and students, and make app more eco friendly.

Impressive User Interface

Great user interface is all about helping the user to accomplish a given task as simply and efficiently as possible.

Fast and secure

We hosted myschoolapp on high speed cloud servers that are running 24×7 and blazing fast also with secure system inbuilt for data security and protection.

Event & Quiz

Never miss updates from top events and quiz, happening near by. Get news learn more things by global event updates.

Real time notification

One of our goals is a smooth and seamless workflow for our users. And real time notification for alerts makes it truly possible.

Time saving

Cloud based server & completely digital system, always reduce a huge time that increase productivity

Quick communication

Myschoolapp delivers messages faster than any other school application because of its hardware and softwares design, and makes communication very quick.

Cost saving

Traditional methods of information dissemination is expensive, myschoolapp reduce that cost for both school and students.